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7 Great Picnic Spots in the Peak District & Derbyshire

Here are seven heavenly spotsĀ for getting out those tartan rugs, sausage rolls and having the picnic of a lifetime.


If you've not been to Dovedale yet, you have to put it on your Peak District bucket list- it's gorgeous. There's a river with stepping stones, Thorpe Cloud in the skyline and picturesque scenery around every corner... the perfect location for a brilliant picnic! There's even a little food van near the car park where you can get hot drinks, ice cream or giant (and delicious) hot dogs.

-Carsington Water

Carsington Water boasts some beautiful scenery but best of all, it provides an ideal pre-picnic family bike ride! The route is man-made and level (ish), making this quite a unique part of the Peak District- so grab your bikes and a rucksack full of food and enjoy a leisurely cycle ride ending with a picnic treat! There are loads of nice places to sit down and eat, including picnic benches, most of which will have wonderful tranquil views over Carsington Water.

-Nine Ladies Stone Circle

This prehistoric stone circle is a very interesting part of the Peak District. It is comprised of nine stone slabs, which are said to have once been nine ladies who were turned to stone on the spot for dancing on a Sabbath!

It's surrounded by peaceful woodland, and beautiful views- there's no end of places that you could sit down, take in the peaceful surroundings and enjoy some sandwiches!

Peak District Photography

-Lathkill Dale

Lathkill Dale is a beautiful, quiet place to enjoy a picnic- you can follow the River Lathkill all the way down, with endless options for picnic spots! There are 12 weirs throughout River Lathkill, which were constructed for trout fishing in the nineteenth century, although fishing is now private. Now it makes for the perfect peaceful setting for a picnic, you may even be joined by the odd duck or two!

- Padley Gorge, Longshaw Estate

Padley Gorge is a great setting for a family picnic- there's loads of places for kids to explore after munching on their sandwiches and scones. One of the best bits of going to Padley Gorge is Burbage Brook, so why not throw your picnic blanket down by the river and enjoy the babbling brook!

-Chatsworth Estate

Chatsworth Estate is a brilliant place for a picnic, the 1000 acre park is on the banks of the river Derwent- so pick your spot down by the riverbank and enjoy the views of Chatsworth. You can't get much more picturesque than this!

Photo by Guy Badham

-Monsal Head

Monsal Head is great place to get some killer views of the Peak District countryside, with the iconic viaduct above, the fields by the riverside make for a glorious place to enjoy your picnic, which could be followed by a relaxing cycle ride or leisurely stroll!

Photo by Phil Sproson

We hope we've inspired you to go all-out for your next picnic- and we'd love to see your photos!

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But always remember to picnic responsibly- and pick up any rubbish before you leave (we know you will)!