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Location Castleton, S33 8WP

About Caving with Dolomite Training

Ever fancied giving caving a go? Or perhaps you’ve already had your appetite whet and want to take it to the next level? The subterranean world of the Peak District is the perfect playground for honing your skills, or just to have some fun! Dolomite Training run day courses at Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced levels and with expert guidance and instruction you are ensured a quality, safe experience. An introductory course provides you with an exciting opportunity to explore the wonderful world of underground caves and mines in the Peak District and one of the most popular areas of exploration is The Castleton Catchment which contains some of the biggest caves the Peak District has to offer including Peak Cavern, Speedwell Cavern, Titan (the deepest cave shaft in Britain, Giant’s Hole and P8.

Don your rather fetching caving overalls and explore natural caves to discover a hidden world of passageways and impressive formations including stalactites, stalagmites and straws along with fossils and mineralogy (all those things you learned in geography lessons at school!). Routes will include walking and scrambling, and for those of a more advanced level the adventure steps up a gear and can include crawling and squeezing through holes and gaps you’d never dream of crawling through above ground, or for the mega brave try a vertical descent down a shaft dangling on the end of a rope!

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