Wild Park Derbyshire

Visitors Information

Enquiries 01335 360485
Location Wild Park Derbyshire, Middle Wild Park Farm, Brailsford, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 3BN

£10 entry with different prices for the amount of paintballs.

About Wild Park Derbyshire

Is Extreme Quad Bike Trekking for you? Each rider has their own bike and is kitted out in overalls, helmet and goggles and after a comprehensive safety briefing and instruction session it’s time to ride! Each trek is different with over 200 acres of land to play with including mature woodlands, swamps, brooks, open fields, mounds and speed arenas. Choose from a standard 10 mile trek or the extended 15 mile trek.

Paintballing maybe? An exciting and challenging adventure. Work as a team defending towers, bases and bunkers or plan a major offensive through streams, gullies and trenches. If you are eliminated from a game you can continue to watch the game from a viewing area in a safe zone, enjoy a hot drink and get ready to join in the action again in the next game.

Or how about Laser Tag? The perfect mix of action adrenaline and fun! It’s like paintball but without the paint! Play up to 6 games with different missions and objectives – be prepared to take on towers, huts and barricades as well as streams, muddy slopes and more. 6 games lasts approximately 2 to 2 and a half hours.

A little more sedate but by no means any less exciting why not give archery a go? A great way to let off steam, have fun and improve your hand-eye coordination! Top of the range equipment is provided and thanks to a custom built shelter it is an all-weather activity. Experienced instructors provide full guidance to ensure safety and enjoyment.

So what will you choose to do?

Places to Stay

The Chop House
1 Mile
£350-£520 pppn

Ashbourne Camping and Caravanning Club
4 Miles
£19-£32 pppn

Briar, Bluebell & Primrose Cottages
4 Miles
£300-£620 pppn

Yeldersley Old Hall Farm
4 Miles
£42-£45 pppn

Holly Meadow Farm
4 Miles
£42 pppn